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About Us

About Casa Valdres

Who We Are

We are a collaborative of world travelers, curiosity seekers, hospitality professionals, yoga and wellness enthusiasts, naturalists and lovers of mesoamerica. 

We have opened our villa to private groups in two distinctly different ways.  We delight in sharing our estate with you through AirBnB.  You and your closest guests can enjoy the home, relax by the pool, stroll the gardens, cook in the well appointed kitchen,  reconnect with friends and family all at your leisure, on your time, at your pace. Or you can join in our micro-tours focusing on Yoga, Birding, Mayan Culture.  Allow us to guide you in a very small group through the lands we love. In these micro-tours of only about 12 people it will allow you to see Lake Atitlan through our collective experiences, contacts, concierge service and passion for the lake.

We adore Lake Atitlan and the culture of people who make it what it is.  We delight in sharing it with you through our villa and our eyes.

Stewart and PJ Fritchman

Stewart Fritchman

A Coffee Guy

PJ Fritchman

A Yoga Girl
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A coffee guy and a yoga girl. We fell in love with each other and Guatemala.

Since 2001, Stewart has been traveling between Bend, Oregon and Guatemala in search of top tier Guatemalan coffees. During a trip into the state of Huehuetenango, Stewart ventured the winding back roads and stopped at Lake Atitlan. It was love at first sight and ever since, he has traveled back to the lake during every coffee buying season.

“I’ve left dollars, my heart and tears of joy every journey to the lake – I knew this would someday be my home.” – Stewart

PJ is an experienced 500 hour yoga instructor, wellness event planner and a lover of Guatemala as well. She has brought health and balance, exploration of body and soul to all her students throughout the USA as well as in Guatemala.

“Years wrinkle the skin, lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Come play with me.”- PJ

Stewart and PJ have taken four families under their wings with employment and other opportunities.

“We direct opportunities for education, employment and language development to a chosen group of families. Watching these tight knit families grow and expand has been one of the highlights of our lives. They sit at our table and live in our hearts”

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